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Self-Defense Law Free Essays

Post | Self-Defense Law | A WSJ Article by Joe Palazzolo and Rob Barry | Robert Hallam| 4/1/2012| LAW-13 Paper #2 | Self-guard laws, otherwise called â€Å"stand your ground laws†, have been a noteworthy part of many legal disputes. Notwithstanding, as most different laws, these laws can be utilized inappropriately and cause abundance contention around a case. Joe Palazzolo and Rob Barry’s article named â€Å"More Killings Called Self-Defense† from the March 31st version of Wall Street Journal focuses on these self-protection laws. We will compose a custom article test on Self-Preservation Law or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now The case talked about in the article is a case of self-protection laws causing discussion, the same number of protestors accept these laws were utilized inappropriately. This is additionally a typical issue as the quantity of legitimate manslaughters is by all accounts on the ascent. Are these â€Å"stand your ground laws† genuinely being manhandled? This is the primary issue causing the discussion encompassing cases around the nation. The article portrays an instance of crime where 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and executed by assumed neighborhood guard, George Zimmerman. This case has gotten questionable for a few reasons. Much discussion has been started with regards to whether this murder was really a deliberate despise wrongdoing, as Martin was a dark youngster, who as far as anyone knows represented no genuine danger to the executioner. Regardless of absence of proof against Martin, Zimmerman still cases that his demonstration was out of self-preservation and he has not been charged or captured. Zimmerman claims he was strolling to his vehicle and Martin moved toward him and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. Late proof shows that there was for all intents and purposes no harm delivered on Zimmerman’s face or nose. Zimmerman additionally asserts that Martin had slammed his head into the ground, leaving him with genuine head wounds. New video proof conflicts with his case, uncovering no head wounds (Zerlina, 2012). His attorney presently can't seem to offer any further remarks. Despite the fact that it can't be accepted that race was a primary factor for this situation, it is as yet the reason for much discussion. Since Martin as far as anyone knows represented no genuine danger to the executioner, protestors accept this isn't viewed as reasonable murder and the self-protection law is being utilized inappropriately. The article gives measurements with respect to legitimate manslaughter and self-preservation laws, just as the connection between the two. As indicated by the data gave in the article, the information on the connection between the two has not been adequately contemplated, hence numerous inquiries encompassing the issue are still left unanswered. For example, as per criminal researchers, â€Å"the information on legitimate manslaughter and their relationship to â€Å"stand your ground laws† has not been thoroughly studied†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ So the inquiry stays unanswered if â€Å"a ascend in reasonable murders reflects killings that in any case wouldn’t have occurred. Different inquiries are left unreciprocated too. What is the average connection between the executioners and the casualties in these sorts of cases? These kinds of inquiries stay far from being obviously true, as per the insights and information gave. Numerous different insights are referenced in the article, for example, information with respect to strategies for homicide (weapons; firearms being the most well known in instances of legitimate crime), period of casualties, and as referenced already, race. Apparently numerous self-preservation laws are very helpless to manhandle (Richard A Mann, Barry S Roberts , 2010). The fresher idea ordinarily found in hold fast laws follow the indecent Florida variety that â€Å"not just takes out the obligation to withdraw, yet in addition presumes that an individual who utilizes fatal power in his home or vehicle had a sensible dread of mischief, and it inoculates the executioner from common lawsuits† (palazzolo, 2012) ; instead of the regular standard â€Å"Castle Doctrine† framework in which individual property holders were completely advocated in utilizing fatal power against home interlopers. The resistance to these new laws attests that a legitimate resolution was even remembered for said tenet that â€Å"you can shoot to murder if your life is in hazard, period. † However that doesn't give you the option to seek after potentially blameless non-quick dangers and that those circumstances are best taken care of by advising specialists. As indicated by the lawful meaning of self-protection, the damage of someone else is just legitimate †if an individual sensibly accepts that such power is important to forestall passing or extraordinary real harm† (lectric law ). Thus, as per this definition, crime is possibly supported if there is a current risk and an assault is being made to keep away from such peril. The safeguard must be done to forestall a wrongdoing which would add up to a lawful offense whenever submitted (lectric law ). These laws are proposed to permit a person to forestall genuine damage on their self. To put it plainly, was the situation concerning the homicide of Martin really an instance of self-protection, or ought to Zimmerman be accused of manslaughter? Here is the place the discussion becomes possibly the most important factor. For this situation, apparently there is no proof gathered against Martin, thus the crime ought not yet be viewed as legitimate. This is a case of the self-preservation laws being too vulnerable to even consider abusing. In the event that a demonstration of murder will be esteemed defended, there ought to consistently be an adequate measure of proof. The chance of Zimmerman’s case being a loathe wrongdoing despite everything exists, except there isn't sufficient proof to help this either. Albeit self-preservation laws are useful to numerous cases, these forces can plainly be mishandled. Since appropriate proof has not been given, it is inappropriate to make official ends, however it appears that Zimmerman’s case might be a case of the self-protection laws being excessively defenseless to abuse. Zimmerman’s case doesn't appear to follow the legitimate meaning of self-preservation, yet he was not charged or captured. Protestors are battling for Zimmerman’s capture, as insufficient proof has been found against Martin, the casualty of gunfire who as far as anyone knows introduced a danger to the aggressor. These protestors are mobilizing across the nation on the side of Zimmerman’s conviction. Works Cited (n. d. ). Recovered april 2, 2012, from lectric law : http://www. lectlaw. com/def/d030. htm palazzolo, j. (2012). more killings called self preservation. divider road diary , 1-2. Richard A Mann, Barry S Roberts . (2010). Fundamentals of business law and the lawful condition . Artisan: Sout-Western Cengage Learning. Zerlina. (2012, walk 29). feninisting. com. Recovered walk 25, 2012, from http://feministing. com/2012/03/29/george-zimmermans-self-protection story-of-trayvon-martin-shooting-self-destructs/ The most effective method to refer to Self-Defense Law, Papers

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Liquidation of Companies-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignment

Question: Anayse of reasons of Liquidation of Companies-HIH Insurance, One Tel and ABC Learning. Answer: Presentation Every single organization will work appropriately and viably and will serve the necessities of their partners. It is on the grounds that the organization fundamentally gets by in the market as a result of the fulfillment got by the partners of the organization. On the off chance that the partners of the organization are not fulfilled, at that point the organization won't have the option to run in the market. On the off chance that such condition wins, at that point, after at some point, the organization gets into liquidation. Comparative cases have been occurred over the most recent couple of decades over the globe. In this report the principle thought has been made in the Australian based organizations and with the end goal of the report three organizations has been picked HIH Insurance, One Tel Phone and ABC Learning. All the three organizations have been gone into liquidation in view of the various reasons. The organization will have moral atmosphere as the morals oversees the conduct of the faculty working in the association and alongside that will have great corporate administration. These are two considered as the significant columns for powerful working of the association. With these two columns and the monetary data, the companys history has been talked about. Occasions That Led To The Liquidation Of The Company HIH Insurance Because of passage in the high hazardous zones, the organization has gone into the liquidation. First occasion that has occurred is the procurement of Fire and all Risk insurance agency. With this securing the organization has brought about the extensive harm claims. Second occasion is that the organization has gone into the protection of the film financing which again has brought about the loss of dollar hundred million in the year (OBrien,2008). Next occasion is that bit by bit the organization has gone into the protection from the harm brought about by catastrophic events and the organization has experienced the significant misfortune the Typhoon of Florida. The fourth occasion is that because of progress in the administration guidelines, the pay cases of the Workers of California have been expanded, because of which the organization has acquired the enormous measure of misfortunes (Mak, Deo and Cooper, 2005 and Mirshekary, Yaftian, and Cross, 2005). One Tel Company The significant reason for the liquidation of the organization is the money related anomaly that the organization is seeking after purposely regardless of realizing that the training that the organization has embraced isn't allowable by the organizations. The organization is revealing the higher income and conceding its costs throughout the following three years. Because of this later on years the organization has been compelled to report the colossal measure of misfortunes. The other major monetary anomaly was the organization has been paying the pay to the key administrative staff at the expanded rates paying little mind to the way that the organization is going into the misfortunes and the offer cost has been tumbled to 16 pennies of the Australian Dollar. The other significant occasion was that the organization has been charging less cost from the clients in the view that the organization would have the option to cover the misfortune and create the benefits over the time of a half year. The organization has bought the per client heap of Australian dollar 350 and has charged from the client just Australian dollar 50 in the view that the cost will be recuperated in the following a half year on buy. Be that as it may, a similar case has not occurred and the organization has run into misfortunes. The last occasion was the low quality of the review by the review firm of contracted bookkeepers as they are closing down the budget reports without caring for the results alongside the recklessness of the administration of the organization (Reza, 2011). ABC Learning The significant occasion which has driven the organization to go for liquidation is that the organization has been occupied with wrong bookkeeping of the Licenses and other comparable Intangible Assets. The organization has in real made the revaluation of the intangibles and has expanded the benefit as needs be yet all the while has made arrangement of the weakness however it has been determined without the correct base as the debilitation has not occasion considered 10% of the perceived revalued cost. While making the revaluation of the intangibles, the organization has not assessed the right future incomes as later on years the organization has went into the lessening of benefits by 42% when contrasted with the previous year. The second significant occasion is that the organization has been making the benefits at the expense of the representatives and the nature of administration gave to the youngsters at focus. It has been finished by giving the low wages and pay to their workers and giving low nature of training and care to the youngsters. A similar reality has been contended by the network of Child Care of New South Wales. Morals Of The Companies HIH Insurance Two moral issues have been distinguished. One is identified with the Business morals and another is identified with morals in consistence. The organization damaged the morals in business and morals in consistence. Morals in business gives that the organization will go into such strategic policies which will expand the abundance of the investors and the endurance of the organization. In any case, the organization has abused the morals by connecting with into the more unsafe territories like Marine, Film financing and the catastrophic events (Lipton, 2013). Second business morals has been damaged when the organization has obtained the Fire and All Risk Insurance Company including some built-in costs from Rodney Adler, at that point executive of the gained organization. From that point Rodney Adler has become the Non Executive chief of the organization. The procurement has been made without the assent of the Board of Directors and without conveying and due constancy for the equivalent (Cheng and Seeger, 2012). This has prompted the dishonest practice corresponding to the Business Expansion. It is on the grounds that the said procurement has driven the organization to run in the enormous misfortunes. All the while the morals in consistence has been abused as no due ingenuity has been directed and no earlier endorsement has been taken which has prompted the default in consistence with the arrangements of Corporation Act, 2001 (UK Essays, 2013). One Tel Company Two moral issues have been distinguished. One issue is identified with morals in bookkeeping and second issue is identifying with morals in business. First issue is that the organization has not following the best possible strategy for charging. This reason is alluded to as the significant one for the breakdown of the organization. With the presentation of the Goods and Service Tax in the year 2000, the charging of the organization stays pending for a considerable length of time and furthermore in the greater part of the bills the sum has been determined wrongly (Avison, 2012). This has driven the companys fiscal summaries inaccurate because of which the reviewers have wouldn't sign the budget reports. Second issue in bookkeeping was that the organization has been conceding the costs over their future year which has prompted enormous misfortunes in up and coming years (Brown and Caylor, 2009). The issue is that the organization has been charging the lesser sum from the client in the view that it will be recouped isn't right and has been considered as pointless. It influences the estimating system of the administration of the organization. It delineates that the organization has not received morals in business. Two issues have been distinguished. One is morals in bookkeeping and other is morals in administrations. In the main occasion the organization has not followed the right technique for bookkeeping of intangibles and has damaged the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and furthermore the Accounting Standards. Second issue is that administration of the organization has not convey the best administrations to the clients and has gotten a few protests and suits from the various experts because of fumble of the kids as in 2005, one kid have fled from the middle in the wake of broking the fence. Corporate Governance In all the cases, corporate administration rehearses are low yet the equivalent have not been accounted for in the Annual Report of the organization or the Corporate Governance Statement. HIH Insurance The essential perspective because of which the organization has terrible corporate administration and poor people the executives is that the organization neglects to distinguish the hazard that has been embraced by the organization and the hazard that is related with the idea of business of the organization which is protection. The principal significant explanation behind the corporate administration disappointment was that the prevailing jobs of the CEO of the organization who is Mr. Beam Williams. He has dominatingly kept all the companions and family members on the board so that there will be no responsibility to the senior administration. Through this he has then begun blending the individual assets and the assets of the organization together as the organization doesn't have any reasonable arrangement about this. In spite of having the arrangement, the issue went to the Chief official and it is settled on optional premise. The second case which shows the disappointment of corpora te administration is the foundation of activities in the United Kingdom. The minutes of the gathering of the governing body have not indicated any conversation in regards to the opening of office at United Kingdom and no reference has been made with the system of the organization. With the poor administration data framework and the unpredictable bookkeeping framework, the companys capacity to screen the tasks has been extraordinarily disabled and accordingly delineates that low corporate administration. The subsequent significant explanation of the corporate administration disappointment was that the securing of the business in the United States has been made without breaking down the administration worry that setting up the activities at United States will be productive. Therefore, the organization has brought about the misfortunes of $620 million (Jiangbo, 2003). One Tel Company For this situation, the purpose behind having the awful corporate administration is companys the board methodology with respect to the cost of the organization. The organization has

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Wilson, Henry

Wilson, Henry Wilson, Henry, 1812â€"75, American politician, Vice President of the United States (1873â€"75), b. Farmington, N.H. At 21 he legally changed his name from Jeremiah Jones Colbath, and as Henry Wilson he apprenticed himself to a cobbler at Natick, Mass. Wilson became successful as a shoe manufacturer and as a Whig politician, serving as a state legislator for most of the years from 1841 to 1852. His strong abolitionist convictions led him to leave the Whigs in 1848, when he helped organize the Free Soil party. Elected (1855) to the U.S. Senate by the Know-Nothing legislature, Wilson finally joined (1856) the Republican party because of its clear opposition to slavery. He was a leading radical Republican for the rest of his career. During the Civil War he was chairman of the Senate committee on military affairs. The Natick cobbler, as he was called, was elected Vice President on the ticket headed by Ulysses S. Grant in 1872, but he died before completing his term. Wilson wrote the H istory of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (3 vol., 1872â€"77), the first major history of the coming of the Civil War. See biographies by E. McKay (1971) and R. H. Abbott (1972). The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. History: Biographies

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Using Google Maps Or Using A Gps - 1587 Words

INTRODUCTION In this paper, we are Write an Expository Essay on the causes of confusion in using Google maps or in using a GPS. The Global Positioning System was brought about by the US branch of Defense to give an exact estimation of position and speed of ground, ocean, air and space objects. It turned out to be completely operational in the 80 s, yet with a restricted exactness for regular citizen utilizes (using a cryptographic method named SA for Selective Availability, prompting precision levels in situating estimation of about one hundred meters). In May 2000, the SA highlight was killed, and from that point forward, each standard GPS beneficiary gives exact situating with a mean blunder of under 10 meters. The Russian framework named GLONASS covers just the Russian domain and Galileo, the European context ought to be accessible in 2014 (Keita) . Fig 1.1 The GPS receiver thinks about the time a flag was transmitted by a satellite with the time it was gotten. The time distinction tells the GPS collector how far away the satellite is. With separation estimations from a couple of more satellites, the receiver can decide the user s position and show it on the unit s electronic map. The utilization of GPS is vital when edit zone is evaluated through geographic testing. It likewise permits geo-referencing the families from the populace statistics and connecting them to satellite pictures of land use (Doshi). This link allows utilizing the family units as an aceShow MoreRelatedThe Internet And Global Positioning System1555 Words   |  7 PagesHumans throughout the ages have used maps to help them travel. As we enter the modern age, maps on the internet and global positioning system(GPS) have become a more efficient way to travel because it allows users to get a step by step instruction on how to get to their destination. In 2004, Google debuted Google Maps, a service that that disrupt the GPS device industry and has paved the way for future navigation and GPS related apps. The success of Google Maps was primarily based on the advancesRead MoreChapter 7 E commerce758 Words   |  4 Pagestogether. Some stay because they felt the urge to contribute to the cause; others come because they can benefit from being part of the community. In communities identity are easily forged. QUESTION 2. Identify a product that could be promoted using a social networking site such as Facebook. Explain why your chosen product would be a good candidate for a social networking-based promotion strategy. Amazon products such as electronics and wears are definitely liable products for promotion on SocialRead MoreUsing The Personal Task Management Software On Computers And / Or Smartphones1470 Words   |  6 Pagesdownloaded and installed on a smartphone. Similar to a personal computer there exists a wide selection of proprietary and open source mobile operating system platforms, out of these smartphone operating systems, the most prominent ones being Apples iOS, Googles Android, Symbian from Symbian foundation, RIM blackberry OS and Windows mobile from Microsoft [2]. This project focuses on developing a mobile application, Locale Reminder for Google’s Android operating system. Majority of smartphone manufacturersRead MoreDevelop Android City Tour Guide Application Using Web Services1300 Words   |  6 PagesDevelop Android City Tour Guide Application Using Web Services Karan Shivankar, Devesmita shill, shital pofare Abstract:-combination of good phone and web services is the trend of longer term software application. Mobile phones are more than just making calls. Now a day mobile phone is a necessary part of the people’s life. There is continuously rising in a number of mobile Computing applications, centred on the people’s daily life. It allows accessing. It allows accessing several applicationsRead MoreHow the Mobile Paradigm May Affect the Nature and Limits of Privacy1471 Words   |  6 Pagesprevent consequence occur. GPS GPS [4] stand for Global Positing System is a space-based satellite navigation system that allows user track their location and time information in all weather conditions in anywhere. GPS receivers have integrated with phone, car, watch etc. to improve our daily quality. In Hong Kong, there have many intricate road designs, this technology help user find the best path by generating a route that navigate user to the destination on the map. With the mobile phone technologyRead MoreTechnology Of The Twentieth Century1233 Words   |  5 Pagestechnology of the twentieth century has managed to intrigue just about everyone. While there are many benefits that technology has to offer, the world doesn t know how to live without it anymore. People find themselves lost without their Iphone, Gps, or Google to answer their questions. Being in constant communication with someone has become an everyday routine for us. Whether its texting, snapchatting, emailing, or constantly picking up the phone, odds are that you re talking to someone via electronicsRead MoreGoogle s Car : The Revolutionary Next Step1706 Words   |  7 PagesGoogle s Car In a project that have started a long ago, Google thought that driverless car is the revolutionary next step. Inside of the whole idea of those kind of car there are a lot of information and developing that have been happen. According to Google, the main idea was and still is make everything safer, and their focus is develop a product 100% safe. When they say safe, they are not talking just about the passenger on the car but for all population. After developing a software that isRead MoreMobile Application For School Information Essay3593 Words   |  15 Pagesthere and how the school performs during the national examinations. . The application utilises Google maps in its endeavour to give easy access to information as well as an estimate of real time tracking using GPS found on mobile devices to allow for commuters to track their progress while on their commute and cell phone triangulation in cases where GPS isn t turned on. The application will be written using Java which is a simultaneous, object-oriented language which is normally class based. It isRead MoreDescription Of The Vehicle Tracking System2103 Words   |  9 Pagessystem is very useful in tracking and management for fleet. It is the technology used to determine the location of a vehicle using different methods like GPS and other navigation systems operating which uses satellites and ground based stations. Modern vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology to locate and keep monitoring our vehicle anywhere on earth, but sometimes using different types of automatic vehicle location technology are still another option. The vehicle tracking system is fixed insideRead MoreDevelop Android City Tour Guide Application Using Web Services1041 Words   |  5 PagesSurvey paper on Develop Android City Tour Guide Application Using Web Services Karan Shivankar Devesmita Shil Shital Pofare Abstract:-combination of good phone and web services is the trend of longer term software application. Mobile phones are more than just making calls. Now a day mobile phone is a necessary part of the people’s life. There is continuously rising

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Taking a Look at Breast Cancer - 1760 Words

According to the Cancer Facts and Figures 2014 by the American Cancer Society, an estimated number of 232,670 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and about 2,360 new cases are expected in men. Breast cancer will possibly cause death to more than 40,000 female patients and 400 male patients in 2014. Excluding skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer that American women are diagnosed with. Additionally, breast cancer ranks second in the most deadly cancers among women today, just after lung cancer. Breast cancer is any cancer that starts from the breast tissues. It refers to the formation of malignant tumor in or around the area of the breast, and this tumor can travel to new parts of the body such as bond, central nervous system, or liver. Based on its histological appearance, breast cancer can be divided into many subtypes, which are infiltrating or invasive ductal carcinoma (the most common type of breast cancer), medullary carcinoma, ductal carcinoma in situ, or tubular carcinoma, etc. Every subtype of breast cancer might target a specific group of patients and response to some unique treatments. What is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer? Today, breast cancer can no longer be seen as one disease but rather a group of diseases. Histological appearance is not the only criteria to classify breast cancer. Biologists and doctors nowadays look at the expression of receptors and gene that promote the growth of cancerous cells to defineShow MoreRelatedTaking a Look at Breast Cancer1758 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death among females in the world. It is known for â€Å"have both a genetic and non-genetic etiology† (Milne et al., 2010). It involves a combination of several factors- such as â€Å"genetic, environmental and behavioral risk factors†- that are unique to each individual (Nickels et al., 2013). This type of cancer is represented by a malignant tumor manifested in breast cells such as the line duct and line lobules cells, just to name a fewRead MoreTaking a Look at Breast Cancer955 Words   |  4 PagesBreast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women in the United States, after lung cancer. Every year, millions of women over the age of 40 go in for a routine mammogram to help prevent terminal breast cancer by early prognosis. While some very fortunate women will never actually be diagnosed with this cancer, they still undergo this medical test routinely. However, for every eight women there is one th at will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer in their life. It seems as thoughRead MoreTaking a Look at Breast Cancer1052 Words   |  4 PagesNearly one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in her or his life (Breast Cancer Health Center, 2014). I am sure that almost everyone has been affected by breast cancer in one way or another, whether they had it or know someone who has had it. My mom’s aunt had breast cancer, as did my dad’s mother. My great-aunt luckily caught it early on and had it taken care of. Unfortunately, my grandmother caught it too late; it had spread all over her body and eventuallyRead MoreTaking a Look at Breast Cancer718 Words   |  3 Pagesasked her sister what was wrong. Elaine tried to ignore it and changed the subject. But Tina was worried and took her to the emergency room where the E.R. doctor diagnosed her with Stage 4 breast cancer. Since Elaine rarely went to doctors or got any check ups, she suffered from a late detection of breast cancer due to her fear of doctors. While visiting my family in New York for winter vacation 2011, I noticed that Elaine’s weight was dropping and her clothes were not as secure as they once were.Read MoreTaking a Look for Breast Cancer1083 Words   |  4 Pagesdiagnose for breast cancer is a regular self-check for changes in the chest or breast area. On finding a lump or cyst under the skin, it is ideal to visit a GP for confirmation although; most lumps or cysts are normal or non-cancerous. On confirmation of the presence of breast cancer, a patient would be further examined to find out the stage of cancer and what treatments would be ideal for them. This further testing includes a variety of techniques used to scan a suspected breast cancer such as MammogramRead MoreBreast Cancer : A Serious Condition1553 Words   |  7 PagesDestiny Myers BBH 411W.004 Prof. Gyekis 2/18/16 Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a serious condition and takes many people s lives each and every year. It accounts for at least 18.2% of cancer deaths worldwide.1 In society today, women are more focused on what appeals to men, rather than worrying about their own health. â€Å"If only women paid as much attention to their breast as men do† is promoted by National Breast Cancer Foundation. 2 The message that I took from this PSA is the notion that womenRead MoreBreast Cancer; Saving the Girls 959 Words   |  4 PagesBreast cancer is the second most prominent cause of cancer deaths in women. About 1 in 8 American women living in the U.S. will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer sometime during the course of their life. About 39,620 of those women will die from it. â€Å"Breast cancer occurs when cells in the breast divide and grow without their normal control† (Komen). There are two main types of breast cancer. Ductal carcinoma, the most common type which starts in the tubes that transport milk from the breastRead MoreBreast Cancer Prevention and Education Essay1695 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to the American Cancer Society, â€Å"Breast cancer is the common disease of women in the United States, other than skin cancer.† After lung cancer, it is the leading secondary cause of cancer death in women. It helps to have some basic facts about the normal makeup of the breasts to understand breast cancer. In the past, this disease was one of the most feared forms of cancer due to its fatality rate and because complete recovery often required breast removal. The best way to fight this diseaseRead MoreThe Significance Of Breast Cancer1022 Words   |  5 PagesThe Importance of Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a serious disease that takes place in the cells of the breast. It is detected in many things, such as finding a lump or a change in how the breast looks. It is important to know how breast cancer works and the many parts that contribute to the knowledge of the disease. Famous actress Angelina Jolie brought breast cancer into the spotlight when she decided to get a double mastectomy. In the article â€Å"The Angelina Effect† that came from Times magazineRead MoreBreast Cancer That Develops From Breast Tissue Essay1049 Words   |  5 PagesBreast cancer that develops from breast tissue. Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin, fluid coming from the nipple, or a red scaly patch of skin. In those with distant spread of the disease, there may be bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, or yellow skin. Risk factors for developing breast cancer include: female sex, obesity, lack of physical exercise, drinking alcohol, hormone replacement therapy during menopause

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Love in the Western World Free Essays

This paper will trace in general the different views on love as expressed by the different speakers in Plato’s Symposium and explore in detail the theories of Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape and the bearing it has on the notions of erotic love, filial love, sacrificial love and spiritual love. Another area that will be drawn into focus is the theory of â€Å"platonic love† based on Plato’s hypothesis. The context of the symposium is a get-together of the students of Socrates who get to talking and decide to take turns and speak in praise of Eros, the God of Love. We will write a custom essay sample on Love in the Western World or any similar topic only for you Order Now Of the speakers Phaedrus speaks first and talks about the virtuosity Eros promotes in those who experience love. He talks about the awareness that true love can inspire in humans so that man becomes conscious of the noble qualities of honor, loyalty, courage and fidelity. Pausanius is the next to speak and dwells on the different kinds of love, from the common banal love to the higher, spiritual kind of love. The earthy love is not as noble as the intellectual love which is more faithful and elevates the mind and is completely devoid of desire. According to him the pursuit of higher knowledge and wisdom is the more honorable and the wantonness of physical love is shameful. Eryximachus talks about the concept of good love that helps man to be judicious and methodical. Eryximachus is a doctor and philosopher and talks about love beyond relationships, about intellectualism, the love of ideas, concepts and the fine arts like music. He speaks of the advantages love brings to humans, the most important being the ability to discern between honor and dishonor. He believes that there are opposing kinds of loves in every living being including animals and plants. However, true love is achieved through a synthesis of these opposing elements and that it can be the fountain and source of power, friendship and happiness (Plato’s Symposium). Aristophanes, the jester and humorist came up with the concept of love as man in search of his soul mate and partner in order to feel one complete whole. He talks about man being split into half by Zeus for threatening to over run the Gods. Later Zeus modified his terrible act and allowed the two halves to marry as man and woman. It is said that ever since the two halves have been in search of the other. Socrates himself speaks last of all and talks of love as being the human desire for knowledge, wisdom and beauty. Love is the desire for what is beautiful and may not necessarily mean beauty in itself. According to Socrates love is the mere interface between what he desires and the object of his desire. When man has achieved real love he will be able to create beauty, conceptualize perfection and become wise and virtuous. In Greek mythology Eros is one of the three oldest Gods along with Cronos and Chaos and stands for love. The word ‘erotic’ is derived from the God of love, Eros, who encourages and endorses all those who seek him to perform acts of virtue and merit. As has been mentioned before, all those present at the party or symposium have laid down their postulates and have spoken about different kinds of love and what it does for man. To further explore the concept of the various kinds of love let us consider the broad definition of these categories: Agape, Storge, Philia and Eros. Agape stands for spiritual love, the kind of love God has for his creatures and the love man strives to return. This kind of love transcends physical boundaries and is a higher form of love which finds fulfillment in just being there. It kindles spirituality and is perfection itself. Nothing can tarnish this kind of love and to most mortals seems almost impossible to attain. We can find examples of this kind of love in Christianity. In literature, I have found this kind of love being depicted in certain kinds of love lyrics that belong to the Renaissance age. In Petrarch’s poetry for instance, the poet’s object of desire, the enigmatic Laura, is continually shown as someone unreachable. Laura’s eyes are compared to stars; her face is often described as being so radiant as to make looking at her impossible. This imagery often ties up with how the apprehension of God is described in Christianity. Here, the conflict between Eros and Agape is continually present. The poet often feels helplessly tied between the demands of the earthier, physical Eros and the spiritual, the allegedly purer kind of Agape (Houston). Storge is synonymous with love that engenders sacrifice and purity. This is the kind of love parents feel for their children. This kind of love does not wait for reciprocity to grow and is there notwithstanding. The story of Abraham and Isaac is an interesting biblical instance of these two kinds of love where Storge is compelled to be sacrificed for the greater Agape. In order to prove the full extent of his Agape, his total devotion to God, Abraham is asked to sacrifice the thing he loves most. This happens to be Abraham’s son Isaac, the person for who he feels the greatest Storge. In the biblical context, Agape is undeniably higher than Storge. Abraham is therefore first made to prove the full extent of his Agape before God relents and lets him keep the object of his Storge. Other instances of pronounced Storge in literature include the love Cordelia feels for her father, King Lear in Shakespeare’s play. In this case however the Storge is made to complete its sacrifice in a sense because both the king’s beloved daughter and the king himself die in the end. Philia, or brotherly love, exists between friends, brothers and neighbors. This kind of love helps people to bond closely without being passionate or amorous. This kind of love prompts the feeling of camaraderie and brotherhood. A good example at hand would be the kind of love soldiers have amongst each other, where they bond intimately and share their joys and sorrows together without a hint of any physical attraction or manifestations. In Greek history, I have noticed the love depicted in the story of Damon and Pythias to be of this form. In the legend Damon and Pythias both survive Dionysus’ wrath because of their intense love for each other. But in another tale from the bible, the ending is not nearly as fortunate. Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve, at first loved each other in the truest sense of Philia. However, with the preference God showed for Abel’s sacrifice of animals over Cain’s agricultural offerings, Cain’s love turns to intense jealousy and he ends up killing Abel. This is possibly the best known example of Philia getting overturned. Eros is passionate love, which can in most cases be closely linked to physical attraction and sexual love. Eros is often closely associated with the animal kingdom and therefore classically considered to be a lower form. Eros can often contend with Agape as we have seen earlier. And a popular example of this is in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The love that the two young nobles feel for each other is no doubt arising from a certain attraction, or Eros. And yet the manner in which they express their love for each other in a language that is similar to that of Agape. Romeo and Juliet address each other in abject terms, making it a love not of equals but of one subservient to the other. This of course is one of the most common features of Agape. Although classically Eros is considered to be a lower form than Agape, as we have seen discussed in the Symposium, I personally feel this is not entirely fair. It is true that people often consider it nobler to love a person without wanting to possess him or her in a physical or earthly way. By implication this means that a person loves someone for more than their physicality, that is to say a love founded on something deeper than superficial beauty. This is true in theory, but not always in practice. We often find that the Agape is more often than not directed towards someone of higher social standing, or towards a woman who is unreachable, like a noblewoman or even the queen. This amounts to nothing short of sycophancy sometimes. Is it then less hypocritical than loving someone for their appearance? Eros is also equated with the animal kingdom and is therefore considered â€Å"lower. † But why should something, that takes place in the natural world, be considered lower? If animals love each other erotically, does it not make it a more natural, or even a â€Å"higher† love? After all this kind of love is based on the truth of the body’s responses to the beloved; if someone is beautiful and attractive physically, why should it be wrong to feel attraction or love for this person? Even if it is based only on appearances, Eros is more genuine. There is no verbal intrusion that allows lovers to lie to each other or praise each other in hollow terms. Philia too I think is often under-rated in the present generation. Friends can often feel a lot of love between them without it being the Erotic or even the Agape type of love. We have been brainwashed by popular movies and books into always expecting friendships to turn into love as that fits in with the perfect happy ending of the plot. But why should this be? Why is simple, platonic love that expects nothing physical or romantic in return be less of a love than any other kind? After all, is it not nobler for two friends to love each other in spite of the fact that they have nothing physical or romantic to gain from each other? Storge also is often under-appreciated in popular culture. Love that exists within families has become such a rare instance in the days of divorce and estrangement that perhaps more of art needs to depict it now, more than ever. People seem to forget that our families are what we are born into. We carry our parents’ genes and share them with our siblings and nothing or no one else can ever change that. It is true that we are often unfortunate in this regard and there are many children brought into this world in an unloving family, but even so the love that exists between members of the family is something that precedes life itself. Just to think about what a pregnant mother endures for nine months and so many years following the birth, is enough to prove the argument. In conclusion, I think it is fruitless to spend hours debating on which form of love is higher than the others because each kind of love, whether borne out of devotion, lust, filial ties or friendship, is a distinct kind of love. A sort of love that is unique to itself and therefore deserving of special attention. Instead of trying to compare them it is perhaps best to be grateful to know that they all exist. How to cite Love in the Western World, Papers

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Question: Discuss About The Operation And Activities The Organization? Answer: Introduction The report presents a brief overview of the human resource management. It explains the significance and objects of HRM in an organization. It explains the various key functions of human resource department. It tells that how human resource key functions affect the business operation and activities of the organization. It explains that how human resource department plays a significant role to achieve organizational goals and objectives of the company. The report also explains the David Ulrich HR model and importance of this model in HRD. It describes the effective strategies of this department in order to accomplish long term goals and objectives of the company. Human resource management Human resource management is the management of human resources. It is created and designed by the human resource department to maximize the worker's performance and efficiency. This department maintains the relationship between employees and managers. The responsibilities of this department are divided into three major areas such as staffing, designing and defining the work and compensation and benefits. An organization cannot survive its business without effective and sustainable human resource department. This department plays a significant role in every organization. It formulates and implements rules and regulations for the success and growth of the company. HR appoints potential and competent employees in the organization. The company can achieve the organizational goals and objectives with the sustainable and effective human resource management. Sustainability plays a vital role in this department. The main objective of the human resource department is to maintain the good rela tions in the organization by the evaluation and analyze the policies, programs, and procedures in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives (Kaufman, 2012). The significant of human resource management Human resource management plays a significant role in an organization. The good human resource department helps to attract and retain the potential employees in the organization. It develops the mandatory skills, rights, and attitudes among the employees through performance appraisal, training, and development. This department maintains cooperation and coordination among the workers through participation and motivation (Alfes, Shantz Truss, 2012). Effective utilization of resources can be possible by the effective human resource department and it eliminates and removes the waste of human resources. It promotes team spirit and team work among the employees. It provides favorable incentive and remuneration to talented and potential employees. It provides job satisfaction to employees (Singh, Darwish, Costa Anderson, 2012). Functions of human resource management Human resource management is considered as a management function because it hires, motivates, and maintains labor force in the organization. It deals with various issues (hiring, compensation, training, development, communication, motivation and administration) which are faced by the employees. HR managers ensure the satisfaction of workers in order to meet the organizational goals and objectives (Arulrajah, Opatha Nawaratne, 2016). The function of human resource management has been divided into three categories such as: 1) Managerial function: The managerial functions of HRM are discussed below. It is the core function of HRM. It needs to plan to the human resources who are needed to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. This department researches the various people and collect the information about them. In this way, HRM appoints a right candidate for the employment in the company. Human resource management identifies and analyzes current and future human resources to in order to meet mission and vision of the company (Paauwe, 2009). Organizing: In an association in which tasks and responsibilities are distributed among its individuals then HRM organizes all the activities and maintains coordination among the employees. Hence, HRM builds and establishes the relationship among the workers. Directing: The human resource department provides proper direction and motivation to employees for doing work effectively. It is the important function of HRD. It maximizes the potentials and capabilities of employees through direction, command, and motivation. Controlling: After planning, organizing and directing, the last function is to measure and evaluate the actual performance of employees (Thompson, 2011). 2) Operative functions: The operative functions of HRM are discussed below. Job analysis and design: Job analysis and job design is the major function of HRM. Job analysis the process of describing and explaining the nature of the job for the achievement of goals and objectives. Job design is the process of designing and organizing the duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the accomplishment of certain objectives. Recruitment and selection: Recruitment and selection are another core function of HRD. In this function, the Human resource management selects the talented and potential employees for performing the duties and tasks. Performance appraisal: The HRM performs this function to ensure and measure the performance of workers. This function plays a significant role in HRM. Training and development: It is very important and foremost function of HRM. Training and development provide the skills and knowledge to workers to perform their task and jobs effectively. This department conducts training and development programs for employees in the organization (Cascio, 2015). Salary and wages administration: HRM determines and decides the salary and wages of the workers. Further, remuneration, incentives, fringe benefits, bonuses, and compensation are also decided by the human resource department. Employee welfare: This department also provides the job satisfaction to the employees. It provides various kinds of services and benefits to employees. Maintenance: After the various researches, it has been found that human resource management is the asset of the company. The employee turnover is not considered good for the company. Therefore, HRM always tries to retain the employees and HR executive also tries to reduce the employee turnover within the organization. HRM always focuses on the performance of employees (Al-Refaie, 2015). Labor relations: The human resource management maintains good labor relation in the organization. HR executives always try to maintain good relations with a representative of a trade Personal research: The personal researches are being conducted by the human resource department in the organization. The HRM takes employees opinions and views on salaries, wages, working conditions, and promotions. Such researchers provide help to HRM for understanding the employee turnover, employee satisfaction, and employee termination. Personal record: This function involves maintaining, recording, retrieving and keeping the worker's related information like employment history, applications forms, employee turnover, working conditions, and employees absents and presents and other data which is related to 3) Advisory function: The advisory function plays a significant role in an organization. The advisory functions of human resource management are discussed below. Advisory to top management: The human resource managers provide advice and suggestions to top management and senior managers in order to evaluate and formulate the personnel programs, procedures and policies of the company. Advice to top management: The Human resource management provides suggestion and advice to departmental heads. In this way, it plays a significant role in every organization. It provides advice to top management on the various matters like job analysis, manpower planning, job design, recruitment and selection, and performance appraisal. Now it is assumed that various functions are performed by the human resource department in order to meet organizational long term and short term objectives of the company (Minbaeva, Mkel Rabbiosi, 2012). How can HR function contribute to an organization's success The HRM plays a significant role in every organization. It is true that the HR function can influence/manage wider business strategy to assist the organization in formulating and achieving its wider vision and goals. Here, seven strategies are describing to ensure that HR strategies are playing important role in achieving the goals and objectives of the company. The strategies are discussed below (Karatop, Kubat Uygun, 2015). Create and build an effective culture of business: The human resource department creates and builds the effective culture for the business in order to achieve organizational mission and vision of the company. The department decides and maintains the good working environment and culture in the organization. HRM also evaluates and identifies the culture, values, and customs of the people. In this way, it will help to maintain sustainability in the organization and meet the long term as well as short term goals of the company. The HRM should provide the cross cultural training to employees (Harzing, Pudelko Sebastian Reiche, 2016). Use clear job descriptions: In job descriptions and job analysis, HRM plays a significant role in the company. The job description also explains the roles and responsibilities of the employees. Job analysis is measured and evaluated by the human resource management. The HRM clear the job responsibilities of employees to gain the competitive advantages in the market. Job analysis and job description are very important to achieve the goals and objectives of the company (van Geffen, Rul Bondarouk, 2013). Identify and evaluate the right talent of the people: It is the third strategy for the company which evaluates and measures the talent, skills, and potential of the workers. It will also help to attract the more employees in the market. The HRM also influence the business operations and activities of the company. Manage the interview process and procedure: The human resource function also influences the business activities of the company. The human resource management also manages the recruitment and interview process to appoint the potential employees. If the company appoints the multi talented and potential employees then the company can easily achieve organizational goals and objectives. The HR managers ensure the effective interview process (Ehnert, Harry Zink, 2013). Evaluated based on the organizational goals and objectives: The primary core function of the HRM is to evaluate and measure the company goals and objectives of the association. Human resource management evaluates and analyzes the company goals and objectives. Make the best possible decisions: The human resource department emphasizes the organizational goals and objectives of the association. It evaluates the culture and values of the company. Thus, it takes the important decisions for the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives of the company. The HRM takes important decisions related with recruitment and selection process of the company. It reduces the high employee turnover within the organization (Andreeva Kianto, 2012). Hire quickly: The Human resource management also hires and selects the candidate for doing employment. Through effective recruitment and selection strategy, the company hires the potential and talented employees in order to accomplish goals and objectives of the association. It will help to maintain the good organizational culture of the company (Schalk, Timmerman Van den Heuvel, 2013). Improve the performance of employees: The HRM is very useful for the firms as well as the employees. It helps to achieve the association goals and objectives with a minimum level of cost. The human resource management provides help to the firm for improving the performance and efficiency of workers. Increase the motivation: HRD helps the company to increase the motivation for doing work. It will encourage and increase the motivation and level of satisfaction of workers in order to gain the future benefits in the company (Malik, Butt Choi, 2015). Further, human resource management helps to save a great deal of money in the future. It helps to develop the organizational structures of the company and usually, it takes the overview of the whole business operations and activities. This department helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of workers. It also provides the satisfaction of employees (Shaw, Park Kim, 2013). Human resource department maintains the good position of the company. The HRM measures the growth, efficiency, and profitability of the company to gain success and growth in the future. The HRD evaluates the skills and abilities of new employees. HR managers also ensure that there is a direct foremost link between the procedures, policies, programs, and services. Human resource management also uses the strategic approach to work and employment. The HRM provides the various kinds of training to employees for doing work effectively. Training and development will improve the performance of employees to achieve the long term mission and vision of the company. HR professionals maintain the favorable working environment for the employees. It helps to resolve the various conflicts and grievances of employees in order to meet the corporate goals and objectives. HR managers provide remuneration, incentives, bonus and compensation to potential and talented workers. It will enhance their capabilities and boost the confidence of workers (Marshall, Ashleigh, Baden, Ojiako Guidi, 2015). Therefore, the productivity and performance of employees will be increased by the effective remuneration and compensation system. HRD makes various rules, policies, and procedures for formulating and organizing the business activities of the company. HRM can also provide the safe and secure working environment to employees to gain the competitive advantages in the market. Now it is assumed that HRM is the backbone of the company and it helps to formulate the policies and achieving its long term goals and vision. It has been noted that without human resource management, an organization cannot run the business for long time period and it cannot take competitive benefits in the market. After the various researches, it has been analyzed that every company should maintain effective and sustainable human resource management to increase the revenue and profit of the company (Gomes, Angwin, Peter Mellahi, 2012). HR function act as a strategic partner It is true that HR function act as a strategic partner and it influences the business activities of the company. HRM plays an integral and vital role in every organization. HR professionals use the entity and business strategies to gain the competitive benefits in the market. The success of the Business can be measured easily by the HRM. It creates new ideas, thoughts, and innovation for the development and success of the organization. HR executives easily understand business metrics and skills and abilities of employees which are determined the HRM. It analyzes and evaluates the organizational risk and opportunities to gain the competitive advantages in future. HRM is always focused on the business of the organization and it is the sustainable source to gain competitive advantages (Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly Kynighou, 2016). David Ulrich HR model David Ulrich HR model plays a significant role in human resource management. The four key roles include the HR business partner, change management, employee advocate and administration expert. HR business partner: The HR business partner plays a significant role in David Ulrich HR model. This model plays strategic role in this department. HR business partner model creates and builds a good relationship with dedicated internal employees and clients. This model represents the advertiser's human resource services and human resource in the organization. HRBP influences and affects the organization. This model helps to expand and increase the knowledge and skills across the company. It uses the feedback system to take the feedback from internal clients. The various feedbacks help to improve the services and HR procedures of the company. HRBP shares the business objectives and purpose with the internal clients of the company. It also makes important changes in the company (Jos Martnez-Jurado, Moyano-Fuentes Jerez Gmez, 2013). Change agent: It is the second strategic role of human resource management and it plays a significant role in David Ulrich HR model. HR professionals participate in change management and take the responsibilities according to changes in the management. HR maintains the internal communication among the employees to understand the role of HR model (Kalshoven Boon, 2012). Administration expert: The administration expert also plays a transactional role in the HRM. Thus, without any trustable and faithful administration expert, the human resource management cannot play its strategic roles effectively. HRM implements all the rules, legislation, norms, policies, safety rules and strategies. Administration expert introduces the modern HRIS solutions and it helps to eliminate and remove the manual entry of data (Madesis, Ganopoulos, Anagnostis Tsaftaris, 2012). Employee advocate: Employee advocate also plays a significant role in Human resource management. HR professional protect the interest of the employees and provide satisfaction to them. It identifies and evaluates the gap between corporate culture and managerial practice and human resource management. Human resource management conducts and runs the training sessions to improve the skills and competencies of employees. It also improves the experience of employees in the organization. HRM daily resolve the grievances and compliances of the employees (Kaufman, 2015). Now it is concluded that HR model describes the way of human resource in which it is organized by the HR and it also explains the key goals and objectives of the organization. This model defines the key role of human resource professionals and it also explains that how the key roles affect the internal customers and employees of the company. The model also explains the role description and career path in HRM. Therefore, this model is very important in human resource management (Beer, Boselie Brewster, 2015). After the various researches, it has been found that human resource department plays a significant role in every organization. The department performs the variety of task in an organization. It makes various policies, programs and strategies for the company. HRM maintain sustainability in the organization. HRM makes excellent recruitment selection strategy to attract the people. It provides performance appraisals to employees for their excellent performance. It maintains the favorable working environment in the organization (Hejazi, Hosseini Ghamsari, 2008). Conclusion Now it is concluded that human resource management plays a vital role in every organization. The company cannot survive its business without effective HR department. Thus, this department presents in every organization. Every company should maintain an effective and sustainable human resource department in the company. The company should appoint the talented and potential HR persons to perform the task and job effectively. The company should also use the HR model to enhance and increase the capabilities of employees. The company should make effective policies, strategies, and norms to develop the HRM in the organization. Now a days the companies is using effective and sustainable human resource department in the company. Thus, it provides the various kinds of business opportunities to the organization. The sustainable human resource department prevents and reduces the resistance change within the organization (Zanko Dawson, 2012). Recommendations There are some recommendations has been given to develop the sustainable human resource departments. They are discussed below. The company should make excellent policies, norms, strategies, and programs for the company. In this way, the company can develop the excellent and sustainable HRM in the company. HRM should make effective recruitment and selection strategies and procedures to attract and retain the employees in the company. HR professionals should make policies and strategies to reduce the employee turnover in the organization. Human resource management should follow good incentive and compensation system to attract the more employees. It should provide the good working environment to the company and it should provide the health benefits to the employees. HRM should maintain the sustainability in the organization to take more opportunities in the market. They should fix the flexible timing hours to the employees for working in the company. The company should use the effective reward system in the organization. It will motivate the employees for doing work with efficiently and effectively. It will also increase the revenue and productivity of the company. References Alfes, K., Shantz, A. and Truss, C., 2012. The link between perceived HRM practices, performance and well?being: The moderating effect of trust in the employer.Human Resource Management Journal,22(4), pp.409-427. Al-Refaie, A., 2015. 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